Monday, 8 December 2014

Give, step and never stop

Travelling is one of my passions in my life.

Several weeks ago I went to the main city in South Australia, Adelaide. It is one of the major cities in Australia. I’m not sure about the population but what I believe is that the place one of the best cities for study if you consider about the calmness and cost living.

Victor Harbour, 2014
Victor harbour. Goolwa. Mangkuk Hayun. George Wildlife Park. Toy factory. Strawberry picking. Glenelg

These are among place that I did visit during my journey and I really suggest you to go there if you have ample time. Victor Harbour and Granite Island is connected. My friends and I spent almost 2 hours there enjoying the scenery. The island is almost like Philip Island in Melbourne but it is smaller and nearer to the city. There was also a so-called train being pulled a beautiful horse.

Goolwa is a beach where we collected cockles by bare hands. I wasn’t difficult at all. You just have to bring friends and find the right place to spot a bunch of them. I could consider the beach wasn’t the best but still we pretty enjoyed wetting ourselves.

One word that almost my friends told me in Adelaide once I met them was; did you eat? Yeah I realized that majority people studying in UQ are getting slimmer. I wasn’t shocked seriously, because it was so difficult to find the halal restaurant around Brisbane. There are several but the number is not much in other major cities. One of the halal restaurant is Swinging Bowl aka Mangkuk Hayun in Bahasa. Hahaha. In Malaysia, Mangkuk Hayun is the title for the good-for-nothing people. It is so funny. Alright, done with the name, let’s talk about the food. First thing first, never compare the currency when you are living overseas. It is not good idea to compare everything or you will be die starving. The restaurant served rice with other protein food like meat, fish and cuttlefish that have been cook in different recipes. I did eat rice with ‘gulai kari kambing’. It was so delicious. it is non-regrettable offer.

One famous place in Adelaide is Glenelg. If you have friends studying in University of South Australia, University of Adelaide or Flinder University, you might be boring with sunset pictures once they have been there. That sunset is in Glenelg. I was unfortunate because when I was there it was a bit cloudy and we did not have the opportunity to see the full sunset. Anyway, that was beautiful enough for me.

Shedy's Market, 2014

All in all, the best thing that I will remember and tell other people about Adelaide was the people. All of things I told you above won’t be there without help from people. They rented cars for the guests, invited for eating ceremony, prepared the food along the road and did not ask for a cent for it. That was so adorable. I will remember that.

From that day, I learned that people who will make a place beautiful and interesting. People won’t remember your know for sure, but people will remember what you have done for them. They will remember and spread the news as it is not the place what motivates people, it is the people.

Besides that, actually travelling teaches me that I’m nothing without others. What we expect when we are not in our comfort zone? Everything is uncertain and we never know what will happen tomorrow, but we know it won’t be comfort.

Give, step and never stop.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

One in a decade


*vacuuming sound

*mopping sound (is there sound for mopping?)

*sweeping sound


It seems better right now without any dust in my blog. Hahaha

I know it has been a while I do not post in this blog because of several unavoidable reasons and business that not to be done as soon as possible.

I just finished my second year chemical engineering in university of queensland and actually I’m quite happy with my result. It is better than the previous but not what I wanted it to be. 


So in this post, I want to share one thing that rarely happens but it happened last week. It did happen when I was on my way to Brisbane from Adelaide. On the morning, I received a message from the flight service saying that my flight might be delayed because of bad weather. Generally, the bad weather term is defined as normal rain or the worst, lightning storm. Me and all the others never really knew what might happen on that day until when I arrived at the Adelaide airport.

Beep beep beep

“Your flight have been delayed for 1 hour because of hailstorm in Brisbane”

My first impression was like, what is hailstorm? Because I never had faced hailstorm before.

It added with my friend’s whatsapp message saying that he could be able to fetch me from airport because of the hailstorm.

Then one thought came into my mind. I need really to know what is happening in Brisbane causing the flight delay and obstacle for my friend.

Briskly, I opened up the news in the hand phone and I found that there was a severe hailstorm in Brisbane. The ice was like a golf ball. It was really hard and big. It dented car and broke windows. It wasn’t only the hail, but the storm with had destroyed many things. Trees on the road, collapsed garage, upside down aeroplane and etc. I just, WOW. What just happened!

The situation was followed with black out for almost two days. Therefore, people living near to university will camp at the university playing game together.

On the next day, my first feeling was like I want to go university charging my hand phone (because of no electricity in the house) and getting around with friends in university. When I went out from house, I realized the bad condition of my garden area. Yeah, who cares, I can settle it down in the evening. On my way to university, I spotted my neighbours who really try to clean up all the leaves on the floor, gather all the falling tree branches and chatting with each other like a community. This condition made me feel ashamed of myself. I turned around immediately and went back to my house to clean the leaves and branches.

First thing comes into my mind is how can possibly ice is formed during summer. Its okay if it is during winter because of the cold weather, but for summer, it almost impossible.

Lesson learned,

Impossible is nothing

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Maturing up

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I heard and listened that sharing something with humans will never relieve something. Therefore, I never writing for sharing, I write because I want people to know and ponder what I see and what I think.

There are several things that I  have seen in my life and I feel unpleasant with it.

Firstly, I feel so sad when the tools that should help people connect with other is used to be the other way. For example, hand phone. Deep in my heart says that hand phone can connect your friends and family with you where ever you are. In addition, we are added with several other social medias that should help connecting people. Unfortunately, I feel terrible when people seek for likes and followers in these mediums. These people terrorize the function of the medium. I don't say you can't, but when you too obsessed with those things, you will forget the basis of relationship. The face to face interaction. I feel sorry to the new photographers especially the intagrammers. The basis of photography is not for seeking likes from the followers, it is to make people happy, to capture the important moments that maybe can't be found again, It is about the heart, but if you can't see with your heart, then let's forget about it.

Secondly, I feel so confused when people aren't closed as they are kids. Too many secrets. Or it is the norm of the world? I imagine the situation like a couple sitting wall to wall although in reality they are sitting next each other. Can't we share story? Can't we share our advantages with our friends? Or do we want to success individually and hoping our friend has to extend another semester? Why it is so cruel? Why do we have to lie? Is it because we assume the definition for foreigners and friends is same? If so, go and make your own planet and live there. I don't feel that you are needed on the earth.

Friends and family; they need you, they need your support, they need to talk to you because they are humans. Human just like you.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Happy Ramadhan

Ramadhan is just around the corner so why don’t we just invite him in and treat him as best as we can.

Rahmah.  Maghfirah. Hell freedom

I don’t want to write down things that you might meet up on the other blogs and websites. If you want to know Ramadhan guides, Fiqh of Ramadhan or DIY for Ramadhan planner, I’m pretty sure that you are on the wrong blog. Eheh. However, I will still provide useful website links at the bottom of this post for you.
What I mean different with the rest of people is my experience during the last Ramadhan. I could say that it was the best Ramadhan in term of ibadah, but on the other hand, I could say it was a Ramadhan that had the most lessons.


I could not remember every minute detail on the last Ramadhan except a moment that I had an illness that I never had before. I only could tell that the illness was a fever, a complete different type of fever. The fever prevented me from going to lectures and even attending taraweeh prayer during the night. So, I just laid up on the bed or sit on the chair playing with my laptop. The fever weakened me so much and sometime I felt I just don’t have enough energy to elevate my head from pillow.


What do want to expect when you can do but nothing on the bed? Hoping helps from roommates. Sometimes, there is time when you have to depend almost of the time on your friends’ kindness. Yeah, that was what I felt during that time. I almost had to fully depend on them.  They took care of me, brought me to the hospital and even ordered and bought me food for me. I still remembered when I fainted on the mid of the road during I had a severe headache. There were several people seeing me fainted and they brought me to my room.

“There are two blessings in which most people are in great loss:
1) Good health
2) Free time.”

In the mid of the hardship, I knew that my plan for the special month had crumbled down and it was far behind from the planning.

However, when I got back home and gained strength bit a bit, I believed that the calamity happened not for none but there must something that He wanted to tell me, something that will make me closer to Him and distinguish from the rest.

He wanted me to look on myself and surrounding me, my physical body and my friends.

He wants me to appreciate what I have in my hand and never look inside others’ hand.

Today, it is my first Ramadhan experience in oversea and it will never be like in my origin country. It is harder and everything depends on me; food, sahur, no bazaar, no near mosque, far musolla.

I believe that those hardships are not to prevent me from
making better Ramadhan, but to make the Ramadhan is going to be an unforgettable Ramadhan in the future.

Whatever is it, please make doa for me and wish me the best for this Ramadhan.

3rd Ramadhan 1435. Not-my country 

Gate, 2014

link for a better Ramadhan:
productive muslim

Friday, 27 June 2014

Coming here buddy

There is something that I felt useless and nonsense before but now I realize that it is one of the most important thing in my life.

I believe in our very own life, there is something that is very small till we feel it affects but none to us. We just it small and not important in our life.

Yeah......we could say that because we are wearing our shoes and we never felt others shoes, if you know what I mean. 

What I mean is, in every good deeds that we do, though there are just minute tiny things, there is someone affected and influenced by the things we did. The only thing is just never stop do good deeds.

p/s: don't stop do good mates

Friday, 6 June 2014

Gua 'tempurung'

‘Bro, aku rasa aku tak mampu la nak habiskan. Banyak kot, kau lain la dah biasa dah. Aku baru baca satu ayat, kau dah habis satu muka’

‘Eh budak nih, kau nak aku belanja cendol pulut kat tepi masjid nanti tak?’

‘cendol pulut confirm la nak, tapi….’


‘bagi satu minit jap, aku nak cari alasan’

‘bagi cantik muka kau, satu minit aku berharga tau tak? Tapi tak pe, demi sahabat aku sorang nih, aku sanggup luangkan seminit aku tuh’

‘Ha! Aku tak jumpa alasan, tapi boleh tak kalau aku nak guna jalan alternatif?’

‘Jalan alternatif? Tak pernah tahu pulak aku ada jalan alternatif’

‘Instead of I recite, can I just listen to the recitation using my iPhone? The result is still same isn’t it?’

‘Huh, kau ni, sampai bab tiba – tiba kau jadi genius pulak’

‘Baik sikit, aku memang pandai ok. Hmmm, apa kata kita buat satu agreement’

‘Agreement?  Agreement apa?’

‘Hmm camni, if you can explain to me the lessons of this surah until I touch or I cry, I’ll promise you that I’ll finish this surah. But with rules and regulation la, no googling’

‘No googling? Come on, tak aci la camtu’

‘Aci tak aci, my rules say so. Muhahaha’

‘Okay, I’ll try’

‘Give your best then’

‘Do you know that if you recite this surah, Allah will give you light from this Friday till the next Friday?’

‘Hadith tu dah bosan la, kat facebook tu dah berlambak – lambak orang post sampai penat aku share, cuma malangnya aku tak sempat nak hafal je lagi’

‘How many stories do you know in this surah?’

‘Yang aku tahu, dalam surah ni ada four stories, the first one is about the people of the cave. Pemuda yang lari dari pemerintahan yang zalim. Lepas tu ada cerita dua orang lelaki dengan kebun, cerita tentang Nabi Khidir dengan Zul Qarnain’

‘Power gak la kau ni, aku rasa macam kau yang kena bagi expalanation pulak kat aku’

‘Tak de maknanya. Yang tu jela yang aku tahu sebab ustaz kat sekolah aku banyak cerita tentang tu je’

‘Hmm, apa lagi eh. Aku yakin yang ni mesti kau tak tahu punya. Kau tahu tak apa kaitan antara empat ceri tadi tuh dengan kaitan cerita – cerita tadi tuh dengan dajjal?’

‘Wah, yang ni serious aku tak tahu. Tak pernah terfikir pulak tentang benda nih’

‘Sebenarnya dalam empat kisah ni ada tujuan tersendiri. Kau tak rasa pelik ke kenapa surah ni tak cerita tentang Nabi Musa dengan Firaun, kenapa dia cerita tentang Nabi Musa dengan Nabi Khidir. Pelik kan?’

‘Haah la, pelik kot. Sebab banyak je cerita lain yang ada tentang Nabi Musa nih, tapi cerita tentang Nabi Khidir gak dia pilih’

‘So, nak diringkaskan cerita, sebenarnya dalam Surah nak cerita tentang empat ujian yang akan melanda masa zaman dajjal nanti dan benda ni jugak boleh berlaku waktu zaman sekarang. Ujian pertama ialah, jeng jeng jeng. Cuba kau teka’

‘Ya rabbi, kau ni potong steam betul la. Aku tengah concentrate kot’

‘Eh, kau ni, steam mana boleh potong, nampak pun tidak’

‘Ish, budak ni, sempat lagi melawak, karang aku tak baca karang baru kau tahu’

‘Pulak dah, ok2 aku sambung. Ujian ataupun fitnah yang pertama ialah fitnah agama dan benda ni boleh nampak kat dalam cerita budak gua tuh. Pemerintah masa tu nak diorang ni sembah dia, so, demi nak selamatkan aqidah diorang pun lari la pegi masuk dalam gua. Fitnah yang kedua ialah fitnah harta. Kebun yang banyak pokok yang ada kat dalam surah tu menyebabkan salah seorang lelaki tu tak percaya lagi kepada tuhan dia. Yang ketiga, fitnah ilmu. Here we go the story of mosses. Nabi Musa ada menganggap bahawa dial ah yang paling pandai, then Allah bagi dia jumpa dengan Nabi Khidir. Last but not least, the story of Zulqarnain. It is about position and power. Kuasa yang besar boleh bagi kita lupa diri, benda ni banyak dah cerita kat dalam kisah dongeng. Aku rasa kau pun faham kan’

‘Fuyyoo, ada certain benda yang aku baru tahu bila kau cerita tadi. Tapi camne kita nak overcome those kinds of problems?’

‘Yang tu kau jangan risau. Semua tu ada dalam surah yang sama. Untuk fitnah yang first, the solution for that particular of fitnah is by having a good friend I mean a religious friend. Kalau tak, susah la kan nak jaga agama kan? Tak pun, dia akan jadi cerita tentang beberapa pemuda dengan beberapa gua’

‘Asal cmtu pulak?’

‘Sebab semua tak kenal antara satu sama lain. Maybe la kot. For the second one, fitnah harta boleh lari dengan tidak terikat dengan dunia. I mean instead we put dunya in our heart, we put dunya on our hand. Moving on, tau tak problem apa yang selalu ada dengan orang pandai ni?’

‘Sombong and berlagak maybe?’

‘Yeah, sort of. So nak buang benda – benda macam tuh, hati tu kena direndahkan. We must realize that there might somebody who knows better than us macam kisah nabi Khidir yang lebih tahu dari Nabi Musa tuh. Last sekali, untuk kuasa ni, nak tak nak kita kena selalu ikhlas and berharap kepada tuhan. Sebab kuasa tu amanah daripada tuhan. Waktu Zulqarnain nak buat tembok yakjuj makjuj tu, dia cakap tembok tu bukan daripada dia tapi datang dari rahmat tuhan’

‘okay, quiet interesting. Kejap, lagi satu, kenapa surah ni nama dia gua?’

‘Kau pernah masuk dalam gua tak?’

‘apa kaitan aku dengan gua pulak? Tapi aku pernah la masuk gua kat Perak dulu, Gua Tempurung kalau tak silap aku. Tapi waktu ada ramai orang, kalau aku masuk sorang – sorang atau masuk lima orang je, seram gak la. Yela kan, kita bukan tahu pun apa benda yang ada kat dalam tuh’

‘Kau ingat lagi tak maksud ayat baqarah awal – awal tuh?’

‘Yang tentang keimanan pada benda ghaib tu ke?’

‘Haah yang tu. Dalam gua ni supposed to be sangat gelap and menakutkan seperti yang kau cakap tadi, tapi Allah ada suruh pemuda kahfi ni masuk gua yang so called gelap and menakutkan tu tapi Allah cakap dia akan bagi rahmat dan sesuatu yang berguna untuk diorang. So, Allah nak kita beriman benda ghaib macam gua tu tadi. Nak tahu satu benda yang menarik tak?’

‘Benda menarik? Pe dia?’

‘Tahu tak yang Allah start surah ni dengan cerita tentang Qurang pastu dia tutup pun dengan cerita tentang Quran?’

‘Really, yang ni serious cool. Dari tadi kita cerita tentang gua – gua dari tadi sampai aku lupa nama dia dalam Bahasa arab’

‘hahaha, yang ni serious lawak’

‘Apa nama dia eh? Kuhuf? Kahaf?’

‘Surah Kahfi…….’

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Birdies ^_^

Peace be upon you

It is very hard to maintain and keep writing in a blog while you are studying. It is not because you don't have much time to write, it is because everyday you will study something that you won't post in your blog. Do you want me to post about Chemical principle process? of course not. It has stressed me and I don't want you to feel the same thing as me. 

So, to release my stress as well as yours (perhaps), I want to share with you pictures of birdies last few days. The pictures were taken during my trip to Queen Mary Falls, QLD. It is near to border of QLD and NSW. First of all, when you want make a trip to whenever you want, please make sure you bring along your sweater because the temperature cannot be expected. Some times it might be cold, I mean very cold. Secondly, sleeping bag is a compulsory stuff when you are abroad. It is very versatile and mobile but the cheap one might be bulky and heavy. Kathmandu or Deuter might be good options. 
Actually, I don't know what pictures that I should share as I've been quite busy recently with academic stuff, thus there's nothing  much to be shared. However, my heart is moved to share these pictures. Pictures that make me reflect on myself. 

Am I too busy until I don't have much time to remember Him?
Because He is the one who creates everything.
Everything that goes in my life is his planning. Everything that I feel, it also His planning. 
Everything is only to benefit me, every minute details is to make me better, inside and outside. 
Although process streams are complicated, but blood veins in our body are much more complicated.
If we feel the calculations and theories are difficult to be remembered, we should know that all the theories are from Him. He creates, maintains and sustains everything in this world. Yeah, everything. 
He makes no mistakes, no assumptions and no errors.
Everything is accurate without errors even with value 0.00000001.( or even less )

Who am I to complain?

So, don't stress and let's observe the beauty and the complexity of this life


'Greddish (green + reddish) bird'

' Don't take pic of my butt!'

Though it seems that it is posing, actually it just snatched our sausage from BBQ grill before I did shoot this picture.

cute bird + cute child = cute^2

Small and cute birdies, ' Can I bring one back home?..'

Friday, 9 May 2014


Peace be upon you

This is my first camping in Australia. I had nothing to expect before the camp and eventually I ended up shivering and maybe I should take lesson from this camping. It was an amazing camp site because it was total black during the night and you only can see light either from your hand phone or from fire. Or else you will knock everything in front of you. 

And one thing that might will encourage me to go camping again is the star gazing. In the deep black, the stars were alike the chandelier in a grand ball room. It was amazing. But it was unfortunate for me because I hadn't found suitable space to shoot the stars. yeah, maybe next time.

The Fire that spreads the light, 2014
Pit black, 2014

Waiting, 2014

I'm the chef, 2014

Walking sleeping bag, 2014

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Wellington point, Brisbane

Those are the pictures from Wellington point, Brisbane. One of the most famous place for sunset shooting photo. It is a nice place but I just came late and missed the best time for shooting. Anyway, it is just wonderful.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

'Home sweet home'

Peace be upon you readers,

I think this post will be a random thought in my life.

A thought that you will think at the end of your imagination, home

I want to begin this post with my experience in the secondary school. During that time, I had lived in boarding school and I only could go back for weekend once a month. I never thought it was a nightmare for me because I believed that everything was a good for me. Plus, I only called my parents if I wished to go back home just for informing them. I was so confused why people had the homesick thingy. I never felt it once. I felt homesick people were childish and could not study in boarding school.

Time went fast.

I got to move different school during form four. I moved to other school that takes about 5.5 hours journey. Seriously, I never thought that I will study in a school that so far from my house. Meeting a lot of new friends with different backgrounds made me to feel that I was not alone. There were people in the same boat with me. 'They are same with you'... However, this time situation got worsen I thought as I only have four holidays per annum. Lucky for me, when I felt that I want to go back home, there were always people inviting me to forget about it and looking forward. 'Life must be continued, it is useless to look behind...' Yeah, I admitted that. New school, new friends, new experiences. It was not my plan, it was Him. Nonetheless, I felt lonely sometime, without specific reasons. I just wanna go home and sleep. That's all.


Here I am, thousands miles from my house. I realize that it's useless for me thinking about home all over the time because home is not mobile. You can't bring it whenever you go. But, I know that I can make one. I can make home. Making home inside your heart. I know it seems nonsense, but it is the last resort that I can think.

First of all, I was thinking what are the components of a home. What makes me calm and safe inside it. Is it the huge lock and alarm that secure the people from thief and robber. Or it is about the people that always protect you and continuously preserve happiness light inside you. Maybe it is because the people that can understand and know your heart without telling them.

From those components, I believe that I can make a new home or something similar to home. Maybe.....


Who say looking forward without taking a glance a while at the back is an easy thing.

It is hard and extremely difficult.

But I said to this body that I belong to nowhere, I don't belong to anyone, I won't so depend on someone and something else. I only belong Him. He has the best planning. My job is put my full belief on Him.

Because He wants me to walk, run and explore.

mothering, 2013

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Education humming

Assalamualaikum wbt,
Hi there

I think it has been a month living in Australia. A lot of things happened and went by. A new environment will always promise a new culture and of course a new experience. 

In my university, I do realize something interest in the people over here.

They are the people of interest, I mean they are really determine what they are doing and they do it because of their interest. They know major technical terms and processes. They are not screen-people who facing the screen device all all the time.

During my schooldays, I just knew only 3 things about education; classes, exam papers, answers. Then I will succeed in the education. However, if I continue this attitude, I won't be at the top of my field. It will be wasting time though. 

For example, I'm doing Chemical engineering right now, supposedly I should know the process related to the subject. Unfortunately, I know only few. Of course, it shouldn't be like that. 

Maybe I need to re-check and re-shape my education philosophy. 

'Allah loves people doing their job at the best'


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New World

Assalamualaikum wbt, 
peace be upon you my reader

I'm not sure how long I have been on the new country, Australia. It is a pleasure for me to be exposed to the new surrounding. New village as well, St Lucia, Brisbane. It nears to Brisbane river. You will never meet a swimming cat till you arrive hear because we have Citycat. Actually it is a ferry that carries people along the Brisbane river. 

Of course in a new place we will be having a new society. A society that love jogging and cycling. No more Nasi Lemak and all those fatty ingredients food. Cereal will certainly becomes my breakfast company. 

Eventually, I would like to share you this. In those happily 'Salam Perantauan' pics, there are actually turbulence and hardships that they are facing all over the time. The oversea students are not in vacation when they are over the sea. The language barriers would be the most essential thing to be handled. Plus, there are a lot of things that have to be done independently like renting house, finding housemates, managing finance, cooking, paying the bills, cooping with the locals and etc. There are a lot of things done here that are not seen in the our country. So, don't expect studying oversea will be a bed of roses. Life is ain't getting easier. Only your prayer to Allah will make them better.

Pray for the best.
Market day during O-week, UQ, 2014

(un)covered sheep, 2014

Carpeted bear, 2014

The loyal, 2014 

Pair, 2014

Friday, 28 February 2014

Brisbane at night

Brisbane at night, 2014
'Why use BW?'

'BW enhances the emotion by ignoring the colour. The colour distracts the emotion'

New city, it just like home

Monday, 24 February 2014

Zoo-ing time!

In every breath, there is reason why Allah makes us alive

The previous visit to Long Pine Koala Sanctuary peels my ego layer by layer. I'm not that perfect neither cute because there will always something more cute and adorable than you. hahaha. 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Australia thingy....#1

Assalamualaikum wbt
Hey fellas, a few days coming will be very meaningful and quite hectic because I’m preparing and starting to pack up my goods as I will further my study in Australia, specifically in University of Queensland.

So I’m going to share the processes of enquiring for Visa, accepting offer letter and so on.

The first thing that you should wait is offer letter. The offer letter will be in tour hand depends on the university, certain universities are very quick on sending those letters. The letters will be sent probably in January.  The offer letter is not going to be in your mailbox in front of your house but it would be sent via email, so check your email frequent after done with your application.

In the offer letter usually will guide you the ways to accept the offer, so here it is, accept your offer asap. Then, the sponsor will able to send you financial statement that would state that you are under their sponsor and every detail about your finance in Australia.

After a few days, you should receive certificate of enrolment (CoE) from particular university. Every CoE would have its own serial number and that serial number would be important for your visa application soon.

The next step is applying visa. Australia visa application is easier compare to New Zealand’s because the applicant can do it online. The website for visa application is (if I’m not mistaken). The student visa is under subclass 573 or you can search higher education student visa. One important thing, you can’t apply visa unless you have registered with the website, so do register in the website. Once you’ve reached all the blank forms, fill with the correct informations and do recheck for any corrections. After finish filling the forms, it is time for payment. Australia visa would cost 535AUD, and it has several ways to pay like credit card and debit card. However my friend insists that credit card would be better.


Friday, 10 January 2014

Blogging of bloggers

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh
Peace be upon you

In the several days ago, I got realized that I loved to blog-visit. Yeah, one of the reasons I did that was for searching ideas and one more thing, I did it for finding the missing of myself especially when I felt down. 

There are two types of blogs that I loved. 

The first one is motivational and islamic blog. Of course in this world, life is not a bed of roses ( actually I think roses on a bed might harmful because of the thorns ). We have our own cycle of life, sometime we feel happy, excited, sad and even hlovate ( hate and love ). We laugh, cry, jaw drop and sometime we do nothing in life. To put the life into happier situation, advices are needed from our surrounding. It might come from our family, friends or even strangers. Insyallah it helps curing a bit our heart. Okay, the reason I love reading blog because people tend to write a blog with their heart. They don't have editor, manager, producer, business and etc to take care of their writings. So, whatsoever written in the blog is basically from the people's mind and heart. No filter. Furthermore, the contents are sometime very interesting and very rare to be found from ordinary magazines or articles eg., and I believe there are plenty other blogs with the same genre. 

The second type is design blog.

When people talk about art, design, or something related to those things, they believe that there is no chance at all to get job when involving in this sector. But eventually, I'm not sure they know or not that almost everything they see in daily life like banners besides the highway, flyover banners at the middle of KL, buntings under the road lamps, ads at on buses body and etc are designed with very detail. I also believe that humans love to see beautiful things and in term to make beautiful things, designing process is compulsory. Therefore, what I can say here is that humans and design cant be separated. Huhuhu. So, what I search in these design blogs are ideas in order to make more beautiful things. 

One other thing that attracts me to these design stuffs is the lack competency of islamic designers and maybe some of the islamic activists do not feel that beautiful poster or well-organized banners are very important in attracting people to do good deeds. Please dont make such beautiful and important messages looks dull. Lets beautify for the sake of Allah. Insyallah, Allah will give you the rewards. 


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Southern Gathering

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh
Peace be upon you o readers

Before I start posting the new post, there's something that I would like to share. In my religion, Islam, we are taught to convey islam as our wish for our brothers and sisters. As a what? As a wish that spreads peace and calmness on the earth so that the world will have the same peace and calmness.

Maybe this post will not relate to all people outside there, but I will try my best to relate what happened in the gathering with our life although the gathering is only for the pre-australia students. In Quran itself, the stories were specific but the lessons are general, thus the future generation can obtain the lessons although Quran was revealed thousand years ago.

The gathering purposely was to gather all the pre-australia students in a place. The participants were shared infos and stories by the seniors from australia especially about financial management, house rental, 'compulsory' places to go, internship, winter, summer and kangaroos, eh!

Basically, what I could say here, the gathering was very helpful. But frankly speaking, it was getting boring when the questions from participants had the same patterns. 

Ok, done with the event. Lets talk about the people, I mean the organizer, seniors and org yang lebih tua.

I guess I can summarize all the long points inside my head into one word, friendly

Yup, when I say friendly, they are truly friendly. Indeed, they love to see the later generations could make up to have a seat in Australia university. I don't know the reason, but maybe because when we are not in our beloved country, we tend to feel happy to see people of our own race and religion. 

Anyway, the gathering was amazing! Thank you so much guys!

See you in Australia

*insyallah I will update this post with photos afterwards. Stay tune coz insyallah I will start to write my journey around Malaysia in short while from now.