Saturday, 4 October 2014

Maturing up

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I heard and listened that sharing something with humans will never relieve something. Therefore, I never writing for sharing, I write because I want people to know and ponder what I see and what I think.

There are several things that I  have seen in my life and I feel unpleasant with it.

Firstly, I feel so sad when the tools that should help people connect with other is used to be the other way. For example, hand phone. Deep in my heart says that hand phone can connect your friends and family with you where ever you are. In addition, we are added with several other social medias that should help connecting people. Unfortunately, I feel terrible when people seek for likes and followers in these mediums. These people terrorize the function of the medium. I don't say you can't, but when you too obsessed with those things, you will forget the basis of relationship. The face to face interaction. I feel sorry to the new photographers especially the intagrammers. The basis of photography is not for seeking likes from the followers, it is to make people happy, to capture the important moments that maybe can't be found again, It is about the heart, but if you can't see with your heart, then let's forget about it.

Secondly, I feel so confused when people aren't closed as they are kids. Too many secrets. Or it is the norm of the world? I imagine the situation like a couple sitting wall to wall although in reality they are sitting next each other. Can't we share story? Can't we share our advantages with our friends? Or do we want to success individually and hoping our friend has to extend another semester? Why it is so cruel? Why do we have to lie? Is it because we assume the definition for foreigners and friends is same? If so, go and make your own planet and live there. I don't feel that you are needed on the earth.

Friends and family; they need you, they need your support, they need to talk to you because they are humans. Human just like you.