About me

Hey there,

I'm glad you stopping by to read all my life notes. My full name is Muhammad Amin Ismail I prefer people to call me Amin instead of Muhammad. Because there are thousands people with Muhammad as their first name. Btw, for not knowing muslim culture, actually Muhammad Amin is first name and Ismail is my father's name which can be claimed as family name as well.

The history of this blog is actually I wanna make this blog as photoblog, like all the famous photogrphers. Unfortunately, it will make people hardly find my blog and see the photos. So, I decided to renew this blog as my personal though blog and you can find my photo page in this link.

I like to take photos. When I say 'like', I mean I take a lot of photos. At the time being, the pictures file itself take like 3/4 of my external storage. This forces me to have bigger external storage. So, please don't freak out when you see me with 5TB external storage. lol.

I'm still studying in University of Queensland. This year would be my final year in chemical engineering. I hope that I can grad with flying colors.

I love so much comments, so do leave your comments and opinions when you have one. I love internet friends.

Lastly, welcome to my blog and happy reading. =D