Monday, 5 January 2015

New year celebration

Road trip never be disappointing. I went to Sydney last several days to celebrate New Year in Australia. People said that New Year eve in Sydney was the best among the other major cities.

Frankly speaking, I never celebrated New Year celebration in Malaysia. Watching those fireworks and concerts are not my thingy, but because of the camera that I am holding right now kicked me out on the road to see how people shot the 10-15 minutes firework. Annual firework. Some might say it was easy thing to do and so on. For me, it was not easy as said, annually only several events used big firework and the event will only take place in 15 minutes maximum. Several things need to consider especially shooting location. Strategic location will determine the uniqueness of the pictures.

However, I’m not interested to share about these things right now as I did not have the chance to shoot fireworks in proper manner. The pictures were bad. Sigh

During the journey from Brisbane to Sydney, my thought was like people will only go to the firework place on the night of firework. Unfortunately I was wrong. People started to gather and camp at strategic location one night before the firework. I was like, what! That was crazy.

On night of 31 dec, we decided to go to The Rock which is near to opera house 3 hours before 12 am. It was a bit late as place had been filled by sea of people from the morning. We only had the chance to watch the firework through a gate. Not a best spot I guess.

Alright, done with the firework.

Deer watching firework, 2014

What was amazed me during that night actually not the firework but the crowd of people. The Sydney council had started to close the city and put barricades along the road. Only several roads can be used but mostly had been closed to ease the people to walk. There was a sea of people, literally. People are everywhere. That was my first time seeing a huge crowd like that.

Sea of people, 2015

Then, something struck my head. If and only if Islam took place and lead the world, what will be offered by the Islamic government to celebrate New Year? Is the firework will be demolished entirely? Or it will be replaced by something better?

Still seeking for the answer…