Thursday, 29 May 2014

Birdies ^_^

Peace be upon you

It is very hard to maintain and keep writing in a blog while you are studying. It is not because you don't have much time to write, it is because everyday you will study something that you won't post in your blog. Do you want me to post about Chemical principle process? of course not. It has stressed me and I don't want you to feel the same thing as me. 

So, to release my stress as well as yours (perhaps), I want to share with you pictures of birdies last few days. The pictures were taken during my trip to Queen Mary Falls, QLD. It is near to border of QLD and NSW. First of all, when you want make a trip to whenever you want, please make sure you bring along your sweater because the temperature cannot be expected. Some times it might be cold, I mean very cold. Secondly, sleeping bag is a compulsory stuff when you are abroad. It is very versatile and mobile but the cheap one might be bulky and heavy. Kathmandu or Deuter might be good options. 
Actually, I don't know what pictures that I should share as I've been quite busy recently with academic stuff, thus there's nothing  much to be shared. However, my heart is moved to share these pictures. Pictures that make me reflect on myself. 

Am I too busy until I don't have much time to remember Him?
Because He is the one who creates everything.
Everything that goes in my life is his planning. Everything that I feel, it also His planning. 
Everything is only to benefit me, every minute details is to make me better, inside and outside. 
Although process streams are complicated, but blood veins in our body are much more complicated.
If we feel the calculations and theories are difficult to be remembered, we should know that all the theories are from Him. He creates, maintains and sustains everything in this world. Yeah, everything. 
He makes no mistakes, no assumptions and no errors.
Everything is accurate without errors even with value 0.00000001.( or even less )

Who am I to complain?

So, don't stress and let's observe the beauty and the complexity of this life


'Greddish (green + reddish) bird'

' Don't take pic of my butt!'

Though it seems that it is posing, actually it just snatched our sausage from BBQ grill before I did shoot this picture.

cute bird + cute child = cute^2

Small and cute birdies, ' Can I bring one back home?..'