Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Happy Ramadhan

Ramadhan is just around the corner so why don’t we just invite him in and treat him as best as we can.

Rahmah.  Maghfirah. Hell freedom

I don’t want to write down things that you might meet up on the other blogs and websites. If you want to know Ramadhan guides, Fiqh of Ramadhan or DIY for Ramadhan planner, I’m pretty sure that you are on the wrong blog. Eheh. However, I will still provide useful website links at the bottom of this post for you.
What I mean different with the rest of people is my experience during the last Ramadhan. I could say that it was the best Ramadhan in term of ibadah, but on the other hand, I could say it was a Ramadhan that had the most lessons.


I could not remember every minute detail on the last Ramadhan except a moment that I had an illness that I never had before. I only could tell that the illness was a fever, a complete different type of fever. The fever prevented me from going to lectures and even attending taraweeh prayer during the night. So, I just laid up on the bed or sit on the chair playing with my laptop. The fever weakened me so much and sometime I felt I just don’t have enough energy to elevate my head from pillow.


What do want to expect when you can do but nothing on the bed? Hoping helps from roommates. Sometimes, there is time when you have to depend almost of the time on your friends’ kindness. Yeah, that was what I felt during that time. I almost had to fully depend on them.  They took care of me, brought me to the hospital and even ordered and bought me food for me. I still remembered when I fainted on the mid of the road during I had a severe headache. There were several people seeing me fainted and they brought me to my room.

“There are two blessings in which most people are in great loss:
1) Good health
2) Free time.”

In the mid of the hardship, I knew that my plan for the special month had crumbled down and it was far behind from the planning.

However, when I got back home and gained strength bit a bit, I believed that the calamity happened not for none but there must something that He wanted to tell me, something that will make me closer to Him and distinguish from the rest.

He wanted me to look on myself and surrounding me, my physical body and my friends.

He wants me to appreciate what I have in my hand and never look inside others’ hand.

Today, it is my first Ramadhan experience in oversea and it will never be like in my origin country. It is harder and everything depends on me; food, sahur, no bazaar, no near mosque, far musolla.

I believe that those hardships are not to prevent me from
making better Ramadhan, but to make the Ramadhan is going to be an unforgettable Ramadhan in the future.

Whatever is it, please make doa for me and wish me the best for this Ramadhan.

3rd Ramadhan 1435. Not-my country 

Gate, 2014

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