Monday, 30 December 2013

Twins of Faith 2013, #thesunnahthebetter

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,
Peace be upon you 

I think I would like to share a content that I obtained not as a participant in the Twins Of Faith event, but as a volunteer. From the first meeting, Syeikh Daood Butt has advised something very crucial to be remembered as a muslim. 

Every volunteer has a job to do as well as position to be taken care of. Although the volunteer will not has the chance listening to the sheikh's lecture and joining workshops, the volunteer has different ability to get ajr. 

By showing the right direction to the participants, taking care of the children, promoting the event and etc, the volunteers can even make bigger good deed than the speakers. Because the participant that has been helped might be the syeikhulkabir in the future, or the participant may have turned to change his attitude and one day be an islamic prime minister, or he be a CEO of an international company, and all the good deeds done by the participant as he learns it from the event, all these ajr will go back to the volunteer who has helped him during the event. Plus, these ajr will continue if the participant teaches the lessons to his children, friends, grandchildren and etc. Subhanallah.

Although, it is like a simple action, but insyallah it will lead to a huge impact in our life.

Last but not least, what ever we do in our life, even for the small or big action, we have to do it sicerely only for allah. 


Notebook Twins of Faith

One of the shop during the event


Palestine wall