Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sea of love or swarm of hatred?


It has been a week I didn’t write anything in this I blog. I’m facing very hectic life right now with full of assignments and academic revisions to do. Yeah, I know it shouldn’t be an excuse for me to run away from doing anything. *sigh.

Okay, so today I would like share something bearing in my mind for a week. Recently, I got very hard times where I have to think many things at the same time causing my mind messed up.On that time, I felt everybody ignored me and I was not that important to them. I felt lonely where I felt I belong to nowhere and no one. Frankly speaking, it was like a ‘game over’ for me.

Eventually, I thought it would be an end route for me, but actually I actually en route on a beautiful path. In the academic sector, they will define every term they used in their writing. So, the definition of beautiful here is something valuable and nice to sit in it. It is like something good happens after problems and challenges lay on your road. For example, I could say that everyone in this world would say that rainbow is beautiful. However, have we ever thought where did actually rainbow come from. It comes from rain or in scientific theory; it comes from the refraction of light in the water molecules. Surely, I will not touch about the scientific as it is learnt during our school times.

Let us see, the rainbow comes AFTER the rain or it comes WITH the rain. Scientifically, we could say it comes with the rain. We could not see it because the permitted sun light is not enough to make it perfectly clear in our vision.

On the Weekend of the hard week, I attended a talk at PWTC as well as Taylor Lake Side Campus.

First event was a talk from Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan entitled The Final Miracle. My first impression, the talk would be very academic and boring that might encourage me to sleep because I had to have a long journey to be there and it was an extremely tiring journey.

But the second impression came passing by and replaced the first one.

Let me explain the feeling with a light example. Have we ever felt hungry, I mean extremely hungry? When we feel hungry, we would eat food without concerning about the food taste, isn’t it? Every single food tastes delicious although we haven’t eaten it before.

Same thing went to me on that time, the talk satisfied my thirst of knowledge emotionally and intellectually. NoumanAli Khan gave talk about the miracle of quran. He did give several points in the talk, but I want to share one of it for this time. The rest maybe you could search the video in theyoutube.

In the quranAllah says that prophet Mosses called his people with ‘O my people…’ while prophet Jesus called his people with ‘O peole of Israel….’ while both of them are sent to the same people, people of Israel. In their perspective, only folk from people from the people of Israel can call his people with‘O peole of Israel….’  Theoretically, in the people of Israel view, the linage of a son or daughter will follow their father’s. For example, if an Arabic guy married with a Turkish girl, the son of that couple will be Arabic; same goes to the daughter of the couple. If we study and observe the linage of prophet Mosses, his father had the linage with the people of Israel. However, in Prophet Jesus case, in Islamic view, he had a mother but he did not have any father which means he did not belong to the people of Israel. This thing is proven in the ayatin the quran. Allah preserves and respects the people of Israel linage and there is no mistake Allah does in the ayat Quran.

Then, people asked me, what is the relation between the Quran ayat with me? It seems not relation at all.

Let me get this straight with one more example. There is company with hundreds employees with a boss. In my view, the hundreds employees will know the name of the boss as well as his origin because people tend to chat and talk about it between them. How about the boss? Does he know and admire every single employees of his own? If he does know, he must be an absolutely amazing boss but this thing rarely to happen. He maybe knows several names of the nearest employees that have contacted with him for business matters, but not all of his employees.

In Islamic view, all the universes are Allah’s ‘employees’ including the humans, animals, plants, mountains, stars, sun and etc. He must be very busy with all the affairs. The human problems, animals’, oxygen, hydrogen, heat transfer, all of these matters are His and yet He still has time to respect the small matter of the linage of the people of Israel? This is amazing!

So, the relation here is that all the challenges and hardships I faced were Allah’s. He wants me to face it, it is not an accident, and it is well-planned, a well-planned planning from Him.

Surely, I do believe He knows every single of us biologically and emotionally.

So people, whenever you feel you are in the swamp of hatred, my advice is just stop a moment and look around you. The hatred actually is not a reality; it is just a filter of your spectacular of vision. It is your choice and your power to choose the filter of your vision.

ya Allah please don’t make me go astray from your straight path’