Friday, 9 May 2014


Peace be upon you

This is my first camping in Australia. I had nothing to expect before the camp and eventually I ended up shivering and maybe I should take lesson from this camping. It was an amazing camp site because it was total black during the night and you only can see light either from your hand phone or from fire. Or else you will knock everything in front of you. 

And one thing that might will encourage me to go camping again is the star gazing. In the deep black, the stars were alike the chandelier in a grand ball room. It was amazing. But it was unfortunate for me because I hadn't found suitable space to shoot the stars. yeah, maybe next time.

The Fire that spreads the light, 2014
Pit black, 2014

Waiting, 2014

I'm the chef, 2014

Walking sleeping bag, 2014