Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Stars,o, stars

Actually, this post is in conjunction with my experience to snap the picture of stars. While, I was busy trying to get the best picture, something comes in my mind. 

'The theory of capturing starts picture begins with finding the dark place....'

The statement made me think the significance of the dark place. I felt all places were same when it was night. But the statement continued with this,

'....the light from the lamp from the building will distort and disturb the vision of the camera to capture the light from the stars....'

The statement made sense. 

Actually, this scenario related to our life. What I can say here, the lamps from the building are just like the fake lamps that will prevent our sight from seeing the beautiful lamps in the sky, although we see them are not bright as the fake lamps. In reality, they are far more brighter than the lamps on the earth, it just because they are far away from the earth, so we see them as minute details in the sky. 

This life has too many fake lamps that will distort us from our path. In order to find the beautiful lamps in the sky, we have to be patience as the sky will not always bright and sometimes it will be cloudy. So, keep calm and patient until the time comes.