Friday, 10 January 2014

Blogging of bloggers

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh
Peace be upon you

In the several days ago, I got realized that I loved to blog-visit. Yeah, one of the reasons I did that was for searching ideas and one more thing, I did it for finding the missing of myself especially when I felt down. 

There are two types of blogs that I loved. 

The first one is motivational and islamic blog. Of course in this world, life is not a bed of roses ( actually I think roses on a bed might harmful because of the thorns ). We have our own cycle of life, sometime we feel happy, excited, sad and even hlovate ( hate and love ). We laugh, cry, jaw drop and sometime we do nothing in life. To put the life into happier situation, advices are needed from our surrounding. It might come from our family, friends or even strangers. Insyallah it helps curing a bit our heart. Okay, the reason I love reading blog because people tend to write a blog with their heart. They don't have editor, manager, producer, business and etc to take care of their writings. So, whatsoever written in the blog is basically from the people's mind and heart. No filter. Furthermore, the contents are sometime very interesting and very rare to be found from ordinary magazines or articles eg., and I believe there are plenty other blogs with the same genre. 

The second type is design blog.

When people talk about art, design, or something related to those things, they believe that there is no chance at all to get job when involving in this sector. But eventually, I'm not sure they know or not that almost everything they see in daily life like banners besides the highway, flyover banners at the middle of KL, buntings under the road lamps, ads at on buses body and etc are designed with very detail. I also believe that humans love to see beautiful things and in term to make beautiful things, designing process is compulsory. Therefore, what I can say here is that humans and design cant be separated. Huhuhu. So, what I search in these design blogs are ideas in order to make more beautiful things. 

One other thing that attracts me to these design stuffs is the lack competency of islamic designers and maybe some of the islamic activists do not feel that beautiful poster or well-organized banners are very important in attracting people to do good deeds. Please dont make such beautiful and important messages looks dull. Lets beautify for the sake of Allah. Insyallah, Allah will give you the rewards. 


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Southern Gathering

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh
Peace be upon you o readers

Before I start posting the new post, there's something that I would like to share. In my religion, Islam, we are taught to convey islam as our wish for our brothers and sisters. As a what? As a wish that spreads peace and calmness on the earth so that the world will have the same peace and calmness.

Maybe this post will not relate to all people outside there, but I will try my best to relate what happened in the gathering with our life although the gathering is only for the pre-australia students. In Quran itself, the stories were specific but the lessons are general, thus the future generation can obtain the lessons although Quran was revealed thousand years ago.

The gathering purposely was to gather all the pre-australia students in a place. The participants were shared infos and stories by the seniors from australia especially about financial management, house rental, 'compulsory' places to go, internship, winter, summer and kangaroos, eh!

Basically, what I could say here, the gathering was very helpful. But frankly speaking, it was getting boring when the questions from participants had the same patterns. 

Ok, done with the event. Lets talk about the people, I mean the organizer, seniors and org yang lebih tua.

I guess I can summarize all the long points inside my head into one word, friendly

Yup, when I say friendly, they are truly friendly. Indeed, they love to see the later generations could make up to have a seat in Australia university. I don't know the reason, but maybe because when we are not in our beloved country, we tend to feel happy to see people of our own race and religion. 

Anyway, the gathering was amazing! Thank you so much guys!

See you in Australia

*insyallah I will update this post with photos afterwards. Stay tune coz insyallah I will start to write my journey around Malaysia in short while from now.