Tuesday, 24 March 2015

2015 introduction

2015 has started and it has been almost 3 months since the first day of it. 

So the first thing I wanna share with you is that I'm taking chemical thermodynamics which is one of the scariest name in engineering subjects. Vocals in this subject are T, P, V, U and H. Temperature. Pressure. Volume. Enthalpy. Energy. Heat. Entropy. Like seriously, you will be suffered if I list out all the terms. What beautiful (pronounce; difficult) about this subject is those listed terms above are interrelated with each other and it will be like the most complicated thing you have ever seen. Engineers only can assume it in term of departure function, ideal condition and real condition. Anyhow, real is not gonna be 100% real because it does not consider the non-engineering terms like the wind, trees shadow and etc. A lot of assumptions are made before any calculations take place. Means, there are several things are not considered in the calculations because it will make the calculations are more complicated.

.....but things happen in that complicated way. It just make me so curious.

Secondly, I went to a shutting-down-BP oil refinery. It was a heat transfer field trip. I just can't describe everything in here, but what everyone can see and observe in a big oil refinery is massive metallic silver tanks and vessels. The first thing came in my mind when I read about distillation column was like the refinery will be not so big because there will be only a few reactions happen (2 reactions = 6 tanks/ vessels (reaction, products raw materials tanks)), but the reality is the other way. There were numerous tanks, vessels, pipes and valves and majority of the huge tanks and vessels were for the heat transfer process. Company won't send their products at 600 degree Celsius. Definitely they will cool it down to the ambient temperature so that it will be easy to be handled and transported. 

The previous paragraph tells you about the heat transfer of the oil refinery. But how about the heat transfer of our body and earth itself, we know from the primary school that the temperature of our body is maintained at 37 degree Celsius and 2 degree higher than that will give fever to us. It just awesome isn't? Our body maintains body temperature at the right temperature though the surrounding temperature fluctuates from one temperature to another temperature. 

Next in the line is about decision. Thing that always plays looping in my mind is about my life decision. I learned that despite anything happened in our life, do make your own decision though things get rough.

So that you won't regret in future. 
So that you can blame on yourself only.
So that you can tell people; "It is my choice"

One said to me, 'after all, we just a number to them'

but I'm not, I don't want to be number...

I wanna be flower. White Rose.