Thursday, 10 March 2016

New 'Baby'

I have a news for everyone!

the news is 

*drum rolling*

I am happily like to announce that I have bought a new 'baby'. 

Don't get it wrong mates, what I mean 'baby' here is my camera. 
Before that, I would like to give my full appreciation for my previous camera which was my Nikon D7000. We were together since mid of 2013 until last month. It had served me well. I never had a serious problem with the camera accept the ISO performance. But that's normal for a crop sensor camera. I learned a lot with this camera as well as experiment. 

...and now I think it is my time to improve and move. 

I did a bold move. 

I did not only move from crop sensor to full frame camera, I also changed brand from Nikon to Canon. 

WOW right?

There are some several aspects that I do consider when changing. The first one is of course; it's all about money. Changing from crop sensor to full frame not only means getting better performance, but it also means the equipment will become more expensive. In full frame term, Canon has cheaper equipment compared to Nikon.

Secondly; range of lenses. Nikon is a great company and they make great lenses as well. But there is one problem with this. They make a lesser range of lenses. 

So, the verdict is, Canon is cheaper and has wider range of lenses. Performance? Nikon is better in major of them. This can be seen where there is no EOS model that can beat D810 or even D800 in term of everything. 

Lastly, these are some pics from the new Canon body. Enjoy.